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Smoking and/or the use of tobacco products/alcohol consumption on West Sadsbury Township property or in Township equipment is strictly PROHIBITED

West Sadsbury Township Receives Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Growing Greener Plus Program Grant

State Sen. Katie Muth (D-Chester/Montgomery/Berks) today announced that two projects in Chester County in Senate District 44 have received funding through the state’s Growing Greener Plus Program.

The projects, located in West Sadsbury Township and West Vincent Township, were announced earlier by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). Across the commonwealth, the projects work to protect waterways and watersheds, reclaim abandoned mine sights and work to reclaim and plug abandoned oil and gas wells. Statewide, this year’s awards exceed $19 million.

“It is so critical that we continue to dedicate state resources to programs that protect our waterways and reclaim land that has been impacted by decades of legacy pollution,” Muth said. “These are important investments in Chester County and in our environment and I applaud our local officials for continuing to seek state funding for environmental protection projects in our region.”

The Green Valleys Association of Southeastern PA received $100,344 to provide technical and financial assistance to equestrian operations in the French Creek Watershed in West Vincent Township and South Coventry Township.

West Sadsbury Township received $64,000 for design and permitting for a streambank restoration project that will address nonpoint sources pollution loadings coming from agriculture and stream degradation at Officers Run at Strasburg Rd.

Entities eligible for Growing Greener grants can be watershed groups, local or county government, municipal authorities, county planning commissions, county conservation districts, council of governments, educational institutions, or non-profit organizations. Grantees have up to three years to implement their projects.

For more information on the Growing Greener Plus Program grants, CLICK HERE.


The West Sadsbury Township Board of Supervisors will meet on the following dates for township meetings in 2023.  Township residents should check the website for updates on Special Meetings & news regarding the township.  Meetings begin at 7:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted.

2023 West Sadsbury Township Board of Supervisors Meeting Dates:

  • Tuesday, January 3 (Reorganization Meeting)
  • Wednesday, January 4 Special Meeting
  • Tuesday, February 14
  • Tuesday, March 14
  • Tuesday, April 11
  • Tuesday, May 9
  • Tuesday, June 13
  • Tuesday, July 11
  • Tuesday, August 8
  • Tuesday, September 12
  • Tuesday, October 10
  • Tuesday, November 14
  • Tuesday, December 12

2023 West Sadsbury Township Planning Commission Meeting Dates (Meetings begin at 7:30 p.m.):

  • Tuesday, January 24 (Agenda)
  • Tuesday, February 28
  • Tuesday, March 28
  • Tuesday, April 25
  • Tuesday, May 23
  • Tuesday, June 27
  • Tuesday, July 25
  • Tuesday, August 22
  • Tuesday, September 26
  • Tuesday, October 24
  • Tuesday, November 28
  • Tuesday, December 26

Township residents interested in serving on the West Sadsbury Township Planning Commission should send a signed letter of interest to:

Attn: West Sadsbury Township Planning Commission
6400 N. Moscow Road, Parkesburg, PA 19365

Applications are being accepted until June 1


West Sadsbury Township approved a new Stormwater Ordinance on September 27, 2022.  Ordinance is effective October 2, 2022.


By ordinance, ALL property owners in the Township are required to have their on-site septic systems pumped by a licensed hauler at least once every three years. Having your septic system pumped regularly is the best way to help prevent costly repairs to the system. If you are not sure when your tank was last pumped, please contact the Township.   There is a record of it in the office.  After your septic tank is pumped, a copy of the hauling receipt must be provided to the Township. Do not assume that your pumper will do this. For a list of licensed haulers, please call the Township office.


Since July 1, 2018, a permit has been required to pave any driveway in West Sadsbury Township. Inspections will be carried out prior to paving and after the job is complete to ensure that it was correctly installed per township specifications.  Contact the Township office for additional information.

 Recycling Economics Alert

Please wash the non-paper materials you recycle. Only recycle the items on the Recycle Right Flyer which can be found under the Recycling tab. CONTAMINATION is the issue. When recyclables are clean and separated from trash correctly, there is a market for those items. Only the items shown on the flyer can be recycled. The cost of recycling has risen dramatically and will affect your bottom line.  


Volunteer Firefighter And Ambulance Services Crisis

How to Become a Volunteer at Your Local Fire Station

Fire stations across Chester County are in need of volunteers like you who are ready to help save lives and protect property right in their own backyard. That’s why last year the Chester County Fire Chiefs Association launched HelpFightFire.com to help make it easy to understand the many volunteer opportunities available. Plus, there’s a volunteer inquiry form you can fill out that will allow members of your local fire station to contact you about your interest in becoming a volunteer and answer any questions you may have.

There are several ways to serve your local station, with open positions that will perfectly match your talents:

Firefighters: As a volunteer firefighter, you will learn skills like how to advance a hose line, perform search-and-rescue operations, and position ladders strategically. We’ll give you the training and equipment needed to stay safe at no cost to you.

EMTs: Our volunteer EMTs help save lives by transporting the sick and injured to the hospital. You’ll be there to respond to specialized calls like auto accidents, carbon monoxide alarms and other rescue calls. Again, the training and equipment will be provided for free.

Fire Police: Help keep an emergency situation safe by directing traffic and crowds and providing general assistance to other first responders.

Junior Firefighters: Teens at least 14 years old can gain experience around a fire house as a junior firefighter. You’ll lend a hand and begin fire training that will prepare you to become a full member at 18 years old. Volunteering as a junior firefighter is also a great way to secure community service hours and looks great on a college resume.

Administrative Volunteers: Non-emergency volunteers can also play a huge role. They help teach fire safety, assist in fundraising events, help with bookkeeping, human resources, website maintenance and other responsibilities. Whatever your skill set, we can use it!

By joining our team, you’ll help make us stronger and your community safer. So what are you waiting for? Go to HelpFightFire.com. Volunteer today. Chester County lives depend on it.

Chester County Brochure

Ambulance and EMS Crisis

Click on above links for information on the crisis facing local Fire, Ambulance, and EMS services.