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Recycling Video

Please click on the link below to watch this 2 1/2 minute long YouTube  video. Everyone in Chester County should watch this.


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 Ten Reasons to Recycle 

  1. Good for our economy: American companies rely on recycling programs to provide the raw materials they need to make new products.
  2. Creates jobs: Recycling in the U.S. in a $236 billion a year industry. More than 56,000 recycling and reuse enterprises employ 1.1 million workers nationwide.
  3. Reduces waste: The average American discards seven and a half pounds of garbage every day. Most of this garbage goes into landfills, where it’s compacted and buried.
  4. Good for the environment: Recycling requires far less energy, uses fewer natural resources, and keeps waste from piling up in landfills.
  5. Saves energy: Recycling offers significant energy savings over manufacturing with virgin materials. Manufacturing with recycled aluminum cans uses 95% less energy.
  6. Less dependency on oil: Four percent of America’s annual oil consumption goes into the production of plastic, and this amounts to about 219 million barrels of oil each year. The more plastic that is recycled, the less dependency on oil there will be.
  7. Prevents global warming: In 2000, recycling of solid waste prevented the release of 32.9 million metric tons of carbon equivalent (MMTCE, the unit of measure for greenhouse gases) into the air.
  8. Reduces water pollution: Making goods from recycled materials generates far less water pollution than manufacturing from virgin materials.
  9. Protects wildlife: Using recycled materials reduces the need to damage forests, wetlands, rivers and other places essential to wildlife.
  10. Creates new demand: Recycling and buying recycled products creates demand for maore recycled products, decreasing waste and helping our economy.



All Township citizens can use the services of municipal waste haulers and recycling is mandatory.

To maintain curbside fees at a minimum, trash collection and recycling is private. Residents are free to contract with any hauler who has elected to register with the Township. The hauler will provide you with a recycling container. When contracting with a hauler, you should establish how the company will accept recycled items for the collection process. The hauler you choose will provide you with a recycling container. Haulers are as follows:

B&L Carson Disposal Service  – 717- 696-9453
AJ Blosenski Trash & Recycling Services – 610-942-2707

Charles Blosenski/Country Disposal – 610-942-2480
Eagle Disposal – 717-355-9560
Republic Services – 610-869-2222

Residents may also collect recyclables and take them to the following recycling centers for processing at no cost.

Beartown Recycling, 6943 Division Hwy., Narvon – 717-354-7734
Lanchester Landfill, 7224 Division Hwy., Narvon – 610-273-3771

Scrap metal usually has a monetary value and may be taken to scrap metal dealers. Following is a list of dealers in the area:

Atglen Recycling, 551 Zion Hill Rd., Atglen – 717-617-7994
Beartown Recycling, 6943 Division Hwy., Narvon – 717-354-7734
Bannons Metals, 524 Twin County Rd., Honey Brook – 610-286-9797
Harris Metals, 446 Gum Tree Rd., Coatesville – 610-857-4670

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Visit to find out how to donate an unwanted motor vehicle to a disabled veteran.