Township Email:

Township Phone: 610-857-5969

Right To Know Officer: Chairman Butch Myers

Interim Township Office Administrator: Becker Engineering

Roads: Jason Chapman

Chief of Police: Ed Moore

Police Officers: Ken Beam, Nicole Delikat (FT), Jeffrey Giannini, Don McIvor, Kevin McCarthy, Paul McCullough (FT), Marc Meshurle, Frank Ruscio (FT), Kevin Thompson, Craig Yeckley, Joeseph Capuano, and Al Haldeman.

Emergency Management Coordinator: Scot Kreger

Fire/EMS Service: Keystone Valley Fire District

Fire Marshal: Keystone Valley Fire Company

Zoning Official & Codes Official: Technicon – Ted Nelson ( or 610-286-1622) or Jo Tyndall ( Office phone: (610) 286-1622.